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Welcome to Commercial Motor Vehicle Investigations, LLC.

CMV Investigations (CMVI) is a full service DOT Safety consulting firm that has extensive knowledge and expertise in the areas of DOT Safety Compliance, Accident Investigations, Expert Testimony, Training, Industry Standards and Practices and Education Seminars. Our staff has been certified under the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration training guidelines and some of our staff has received their certifications from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administrations National Training Center. Most of our staff is former law enforcement officers representing over 75 years of service. Our Staff has also been trained and certified through the Drug and Alcohol Testing Industry Association (DATIA) and have extensive knowledge of Drug & Alcohol Regulations training and practices.

CMVI was established in 1998 to help assist attorneys, judges, insurance agencies, law enforcement agencies and motor carriers understand the complex regulations as well as industry practices and how they apply to commercial motor carriers who operate within the United States, Canada and Mexico. CMVI staff has worked with numerous law enforcement agencies to help train and guide them through the enforcement of these regulations.

CMVI not only works accidents involving commercial motor vehicles but also works daily with commercial motor vehicle carriers to help maintain their compliance and operate safely. We strive to educate and support commercial motor carriers in their safety management to minimize the risk of being involved in a commercial vehicle crash. To learn more of what we do for commercial motor vehicle carriers as well as what we offer in training classes and education seminars, please visit our website www.DOTTruckSafety.com

If you have been involved in an accident of any type and need help, please go to the “Accident” tab. We have many years of experience working with attorneys all over the United States. We can assist you in deciding what you need to do and which attorney would do the best job for you. We will not charge you anything to assist you in making the right choices and to help you find the right attorney to assist you in your accident.